3D Advertising Device



3D Digital Signage without Glasses



Immersive 3D visual experience delivered by the 3D pop-out effect for naked eyes;
Concise, refined and stable structure;
Simple smart playing with indoor advertising screen;
The world’s only glasses-free 3D device manufacturer with full-industry-chain layout;

Comfortable 3D vision
 Impressive 3D experience, obvious pop-out effect and adjustable depth of field, ensuring comfortable viewing.

Superior lenticular lens technology
Independently developed lens film with world-leading quality offering ultrahigh precision and high transmittance.

Precise adhesion
High-precision aligned full adhesion technology, ensuring quality 3D effect with naked eyes.

Superior image quality guaranteed with algorithms
 World-leading 3D image interleaving algorithm and multi-view conversion algorithm.

Clear and fine image of the digital signage screen
 Ultra-HD 4K panel in combination with 3D image processing technology to avoid double image.

Ultra-wide angle of view for watching from multiple points
 Ultra-wide angle of view and multiple points of view ensuring multiple people to experience the glasses-free 3D effect.