3D Mobile Phone

Glasses Free 3D Display Change the Way You Look at the World

KDX 3D Mobile Phone

• Auto-stereoscopic 3D optics : High accuracy lenticular lens design
• Manufacture process: High precision complete bonding process
• KDX 3D player
• KDX 3D camera
• 3D Dongdong APP: Over 10,000 3D movies provided
• 3D gaming interface and engine

KDX 3D Smart Phone
• Glasses-free 3D technology, free to watch
• Dolby panoramic audio, let the music more beautiful
• Huge amounts of 3D content, resourcefulness

Glasse-free 3D Phone Core Technology

High precision optics design and process technology

High precision entire laminating technics.
• Play and display software technology
• Entire industry chain solution

KDX V5 Smart Phone Advantage
• 3D video & Audio
• 3D game
• 3D experience (dish order inmenu,3D online shopping etc.