KDX leads a delegation to visit SKC to share new development opportunities
Announcer:Sara Chang  Time:2018-04-06

      On 6th April, Chairman of the KDX Group, Zhong Yu and his senior management team were invited to visit SKC to meet with the President and CEO of SKC Hi-tech and Marketing in Seoul. Here they reached a consensus on further in-depth cooperation between the two parties and shared new materials concepts for future development opportunities.

       SKC is a global material company located in South Korea. It focuses on the two major departments of film and chemistry.  Its SKC Hi-tech and Marketing company specialises in providing basic industrial materials such as advanced display materials, automotive and semiconductors, and is dedicated to innovation and leadership in high-tech materials.


       At the meeting, the two sides introduced the history of their respective innovation and development and made in-depth exchanges on current business areas and future planning. SKC praised KDX's industrialisation platform and the rapid development it has achieved in the past ten years. SKC hopes to seek future in-depth cooperation with KDX in terms of products, markets, and cooperation models and seek common developments.


       KDX elaborated on the vision of building an advanced polymer material industry and an ecological platform. Both parties aim to share their respective advances in R&D and manufacturing, market channels and other related fields.


PIC SHOW - Directors of SKC Hi-Tech & Marketing Institute, Global Project TF Team Leader, Marketing General Manager, Sales Manager, SKC Film Division Executive, SKC China General Manager and other SKC executives attended the meeting