KDX Group Chairman leads a delegation to Samsung to revolutionize 3D technology
Announcer:Sara  Time:2018-04-26

KDX Group Chairman leads a delegation to Samsung to revolutionize 3D technology


On 6th April, Chairman of the KDX Group, Mr. Zhong Yu, led a delegation to visit Samsung Electronics Headquarters in South Korea and meet with the Samsung Electronics executive team. Both parties expressed their desire to increase 3D technology to the naked-eye, and the further development of naked-eye 3D products in 2018.  A consensus was also reached on future R&D plans and production planning.

At the meeting, KDX and Samsung Electronics first reviewed the preliminary promotion of the naked-eye 3D project. Samsung Electronics stated that it will staunchly promote the transition from 2D to 3D display for consumer electronics products and use innovation to drive the development of this technology.


Samsung both praised and affirmed KDX's constant optimisation and development of 3D technology, 3D hardware, 3D image content and 3D game applications. It was also a new starting point for KDX to join in the ecological construction of the 3D industry and its common development.


At the meeting, KDX and Samsung reached consensus on product development, production and new product launch plans. The two parties will jointly develop and implement new technologies to speed up the development of naked-eye 3D display solutions based on OLED technology. In addition, it was agreed that they will use their respective resources to import more domestic and international first-tier manufacturers from the industrial chain, jointly promote the popularity of 3D technology and lead the 3D display revolution into a new era.


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Samsung Electronics Global Wireless Division executive vice president Cui Ying-gui, senior vice president Samsung mobile phone team Hark-sang Kim, Samsung electronic mobile phone team vice president Byung Duk YANG, wireless business division chief engineer Phonenix-Choi and other executives received Chairman Zhong Yu One line.